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Welcome to Infra-Tect LLC

Welcome to the Infra-Tect website. This website has been established to familiarize you with our innovative solutions to problems commonly found in working with underground water and sewer pipe. Whether your main concern is safety, corrosion prevention, or speeding up pipe joint installations, our main goal is providing safe and economical solutions to the underground community.

Protecting America's Infrastructure and Workers

Infra-Tect is an Arizona-based company that offers innovative solutions to problems commonly found while working with water and sewer pipelines. The company addresses many industry-wide problems including time required for pipe-joint installation, safety issues, and corrosion prevention.

What We Do

Infra-Tect LLC offers innovative solutions to problems commonly found while working with water and sewer pipelines, including time required for pipe-joint installation, safety issues and corrosion prevention. Infra-Tect pipeline products are developed with total lifecycle costs and considerations as well as initial cost analysis.

Infra-Tect is the company that brings to market the Bevel-Sert, a pre-beveled radius insert used in conjunction with any size buried Ductile Iron Pipe, C-900 PVC, IPS PVC, or SDR-26 and SDR-35 PVC pipe or fitting and is intended to facilitate the safe installation of underground utilities where beveling pipe is often required. This product eliminates the industry practice of grinding a bevel onto the cut end of a piece of pipe.

The Bevel-Sert is also used in ductile iron pipe as a barrier to electrical current, promoting the existence of an electrically discontinuous pipe-joint segment and significantly increasing the lifetime of the underground pipe infrastructure.

In July 2010, OSHA responded to a letter specifically asking if a bevel could be ground onto a cut piece of pipe with a cut-off saw, the same tool that is used to cut the pipe. OSHA responded that this industry standard operating procedure is prohibited. The Bevel-Sert is specifically designed to cost effectively eliminate this unsafe practice.

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Our Mission

We believe that new or replacement pipelines must be designed and safely installed with total lifecycle costs and considerations in mind rather than initial cost analysis. Infra-Tect sets out to protect America's infrastructure, hence our name. Our mission, simply stated, is "Protecting America's Infrastructure and Workers."

Industry Issues

Corrosion: The American Society of Civil Engineers published a report entitled "Report Card for America's Infrastructure 2013", scoring the U.S. water/sewer distribution network with a D+. This failure is due, in large part, to the corrosion of the metal pipes that make up the bulk of our country's water infrastructure. Municipalities will reap the benefits in enforcing the use of the Bevel-Sert at every joint, because by doing so, pipe segments are electrically isolated.

Safety: Due to OSHA regulations, workers are no longer able to grind a bevel onto pipe with a cut-off saw. Gone are the days where an infrastructure installation or repair can be accomplished by exposing the worker to known safety hazards. Municipalities and private/public water and sewer companies and contractors must now insure that their subordinates cease this unsafe practice. As a result, the Bevel-Sert is a necessary safety device for all pipe installers.


Infra-Tect was named a Semi-Finalist in the 2013 Cleantech Open Business Competition and Accelerator Program. The Cleantech Open is a not-for-profit organization that runs the world's largest accelerator for cleantech startups. Its mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today's most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges. Since its founding in 2005 by leaders in Silicon Valley and Boston, the organization has established itself as the leading force for accelerating clean technology entrepreneurs. Of the over 700 companies it has have worked with in the United States alone, nearly half have gone on to raise external capital now totaling over $800 million.


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